Intensive English Language

The Intensive English Program at Vertex offers:

  • The development of strong English and intercommunication skills
  • Courses in English grammar, writing, reading and speaking
  • Qualified and experienced ESL trainers
  • Personal attention
  • Affordable costs


Mission Statement

The Intensive English Program (IEP) is the ideal way to learn English and to prepare for corporate communication skills.

 The Intensive English Program offers instructions from professional, highly qualified trainers. Your communication skills will greatly improve, and you will develop better study and research skills.

After successfully completing the Intensive English Program, you will be

Benefits of studying in the Intensive English Program:

  • Special attention, year-round classes offered.
  • Two hours/ day programme.
  • Basic, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Program Overview

Vertex Academy offers an intensive English program which consists of four levels of learning.

The main objective of the Intensive English Program is to help students read, write, listen, and speak in increasing levels of proficiency so that they can fulfill their academic and professional goals.

Our primary instructional approach is skill-based. Students are placed in appropriate levels where lessons are taught to specifically enhance their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.



 1. Beginning Level


At beginning Level, students just start to learn English. They will acquire language experience through interactions, and inside the classroom they will learn and practice basic skills to communicate in English.

  • Integrative Grammar Class: Students will learn to understand and use the grammatical forms necessary to express ideas in basic statements and questions.
  • Reading and Writing Class: Students will learn to recognize main ideas and details and start to make inferences. They will be able to express ideas in basic sentence patterns using correct mechanics.
  • Listening and Speaking Class: Students will participate in controlled speaking tasks and develop their comprehension of controlled listening selections.


2. Intermediate Level



This Level is for the students who need to develop their speaking, listening, reading, writing and grammar skills in order to interact appropriately in a variety of situations. Students will focus on understanding main ideas and supporting details and they will practice intermediate grammar at the paragraph and short essay writing skills.

  • Integrative Grammar Class: Students will be able to demonstrate grammatical competence with a variety of regular and irregular verbs, nouns, and other sentence components that allow them to show opinions, shades of meaning, and purposes.
  • Reading and Writing Class: For students to be able to interpret what they read in terms of organization, main ideas, and relevant details, improve vocabulary, and write and revise a variety of paragraphs and short essays.
  • Listening and Speaking Class: For students to be able to predict and understand spoken content using a variety of cues, give a short presentation and respond constructively to those of their classmates, and actively participate in group conversations.


3. High Intermediate



Students in High Intermediate Level should already be developing confidence in their conversational and writing skills but may have trouble with high intermediate grammar and vocabulary and the irregularities of the language. You will develop your reading and essay writing skills as well as improving your ability to listen and speak in English.

  • Integrative Grammar Class: For students to be able to make choices among different grammatical structures/elements in order to best express their meaning with accuracy and the desired emphasis or style.
  • Reading and Writing Class: For students to be able to identify textual relationships and purposes and use information to inform or support their own ideas and opinions. For students to be able to write well-developed paragraphs and unified, coherent, and cohesive essays for varying purposes using appropriate organizational patterns.
  • Listening and Speaking Class: For students to be able to listen for pertinent information in a variety of listening passages and using the information for a secondary purpose such as discussion or synthesis. For students to be able to give a presentation and demonstrate conversational fluency and group discussion skills.


4. Advanced Level



Students at the IAE Advanced Level have a solid foundation in grammar and the four basic language skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing. You will demonstrate your nuanced understanding of and responses to main ideas, supporting details, and discourse strategies in extended oral and written discourse. You will recognize and actively use appropriate advanced-level vocabulary and adapt your communication so that it will be perceived as intended.
Please see the IAE Proficiency Scale for an overview of the skills that must be mastered at this level in order to pass this course.

  • Integrative Grammar Class: For students to be able to demonstrate sufficient mastery of both basic and advanced grammatical structures and vocabulary to participate effectively in a variety of professional, academic, and social situations.
  • Reading and Writing Class: For students to be able to discuss and interpret a variety of written material, making culturally informed inferences and analyses and relating the text to their own experiences and ideas. For students to be able to express complex ideas and information in a comprehensible and organized way in writing essays.

Listening and Speaking Class: For students to be able to comprehend listening passages containing abstract concepts and express complex ideas and opinions in debate and discussions in a variety of academic, social, and professional situations.